7 Ways to Save Hanes Park


  1. Spread the message: This is everyone’s park. Join our mailing list by emailing contact@savehanespark.com
  2. Post, Share and Tweet this website.
  3. Sign the petition. Put up a yard sign.
  4. Contact School Board members to tell them of your concern and ask key questions such as;
  • Ask what the long-term taxpayer cost would be.
  • Ask what the immediate taxpayer cost would be (gym, bus lot, new entrance and bridge).
  • Ask how many teachers, career counselors, and tutors could be rehired instead.
  • Remind them that the private fundraisers for renovation of Reynolds Auditorium paid only a portion of what was promised, leaving the balance to the WSFCS.
  • Keep an eye on the agendas for School Board meetings and Building and Ground Committee meetings.  They are open to the public and one may speak at the end of the School Board meeting. (The school board enjoys lower citizen participation at summer meetings.)
  1. Contact City Council members and let them know you are concerned about the future of Hanes Park.
  • Express concern about the lack of adequate parking for the stadium.
  • Express concern about the continued elimination of open land, of Reynolds’s previous appropriation of city park land, and of the sale of city parkland at Central Park to Salem College and portions of Bolton Park and Winston Lake Park.
  • Express concern about placement of the stadium in a residential area, the collateral damage from lighting, dumpsters, parking, & blowing trash.
  • Ask the city to look carefully into effects of increased storm water on flooding of Peter’s Creek.
  1. Contact reporters at newspapers. Write a letter to the editor.
  2. Donate your time, treasure or talent to SaveHanesPark.com so together, we can help spread the word.