The Parking Admendment: UDO-233

Approved by City Council on December 3, 2012

UDO-233 Corrects an oversight in the 2006 amendment (UDO-146) that removed all parking requirements for high school stadiums. It introduced the following requirements:

  • Requires the provision of on-site parking of 1 spot per 4 seats for high school stadiums┬áthat are over 1500 seats in areas designated as GMA 1 & GMA 2
  • Ensures the establishment of a public process for stadium projects that do not meet the above parking requirements
  • Requires the submission of a reasonable parking plan for review
  • Requires project approval by City Council

What UDO-233 does not:

  • Prevent Reynolds High School (or any other high school) from building a stadium
  • Affect every school in GMA 1 and GMA 2 areas
  • Affect suburban high schools outside of GMA 1 & 2

The state already dictates minimum land and size requirements for high schools. Most exisiting elementary and middle schools are simply too small, do not meet these requirements and therefore could not be converted to high schools and so would not encounter these requirements. The text amendment only applies to high school stadiums.

UDO-233 as written and proposed to the Winston Salem City Planning Board

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