Petition Presented to the WSFCS Board of Education on August 17, 2012

To not build the proposed 4,500 seat stadium on school property at Hanes Park

We, the citizens of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County petition the WSFCS Board of Education to not build the privately funded stadium adjacent to Hanes Park. The controversial proposal will cause harm to Hanes Park, to surrounding neighborhoods and to emergency vehicle routes. The School Board’s construction of a new gym, relocation of school bus and car drop-offs and operation of the stadium will incur unnecessary and significant costs to WSFCS and therefore to us as taxpayers. These funds are better spent on academic affairs and on upkeep and operation of existing athletic facilities.

Respectfully submitted on August 17, 2012

See attached pages (not available on website) for signatures and comments. The signatures presented were collected from June 9–August 17. We will continue to collect additional signatures for this petition to be presented at a later date. To date we have over

2100 signatures from within Winston-Salem/Forsyth County both as paper and online petitions

400 signatures from outside Forsyth County (many expressing some prior or other connection to the area)

IF YOU WISH TO SIGN THE PETITION: Go to the contact page and send us an email. We will send a representative to collect your signature.