5 Questions for HFA

Fall is reunion season. Start the conversation!

If you’ve already made a pledge to Home Field Advantage, here are 5 questions you should ask:

  1. I made my contribution with the understanding that no public funds would be used for this project. Now that we’re asking the taxpayers to chip in, is it fair for the school system to make it a priority? How much public money are we comfortable asking for? 
  2. This project has only raised $1 million in six years, while the Reynolds Auditorium renovation in 2002 raised $6 million in one year. Why the comparative lack of support?  
  3. After years of resistance and rising construction costs, why are we still proceeding as if Wiley is the only appropriate site when there is another option on campus that does not disturb Wiley or Hanes Park?
  4. Is my contribution being used to attract a large business donor? What if I have ethical concerns about that donor or feel they do not share the values of our school district? 
  5. How can my contribution support Reynolds athletics without drawing taxpayers into a costly, non-essential expenditure or putting our schools under obligation to a commercial sponsor?