WSFCS Board of Education 2019. Standing L to R: Leah Crowley, Barbara Burke (Vice Chair), Lori Goins Clark, Deanna Kaplan, Malishai Woodbury (Chair)
Sitting L to R: Andrea Bramer, Elisabeth Motsinger, Lida Calvert-Hayes, Dana Caudill Jones

Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools School Board Members: Contact the school board who is supporting this proposal.

Forsyth County Board of Commissioners: Contact your representative!

Winston Salem Planning Department: Share your concerns about the impact of a major construction zone in a school zone possibly also coinciding with the I-40 closure along a detour around that closure.

Winston Salem Journal Editor: We’ve seen some incredible letters to the editor from citizens. Add your voice!

Winston Salem Chronicle: You’ll find contact information listed on their site.