Public Schools of North Carolina State Board of Education: Making Current Trends in School Design Feasible, November 2000 See in particular the first paragraph on page 37, quoted below:

Shared Inter-Scholastic Outdoor Athletic Facilities

Similar to, but perhaps more extensive than the approach for middle schools, several high schools, or even an entire district or conference, could share football and baseball stadiums, as well as a competition gymnasium with a large seating capacity. Competition athletic facilities are one of the most expensive and land-hungry facilities associated with high schools. From an economic standpoint, it is difficult to justify a 4,000-seat stadium, complete with concession stands, very large restroom facilities, lighting and other amenities, that is only used for four or five games a year. Likewise, providing seating for 2,000 or more at an indoor gymnasium significantly increases the size and cost of providing a physical education program. Multi-purpose practice fields would still be needed at or adjacent to each school, but these fields can be significantly less elaborate and do not necessarily even need to be full-sized.

US House Study: The Value of Urban Parks: The benefits of a park, especially in an urban community are well documented. Here, the American Society of Landscape Architects reports on the U.S. House Urban Caucus’ Urban Parks Taskforce briefing.

City Park Alliance: The Economic Value of Urban Parks: This outlines how parks drive urban economies. This is of particular importance to the downtown communities as we begin to expand through projects such as the YWCA site development and the new apartment complex proposed for First Street increasing the population density of neighborhoods surround Hanes Park.

How Parks Impact Neighboring Home Values: A March 2009 study showed that green spaces increase the value of nearby housing.

The Urban Revitalization and Livable Communities Act, Issue Brief: Introduced by Congressman Albio Sires on February 15, 2011, this act would assist communities in developing and maintaining community parks in many of our nation’s urban and suburban centers.

Home Field Advantage (RJR Boosters Fund Raising Group) website: We encourage our community to be fully informed. This is the site of the group who has proposed the stadium and negotiated with school board members.



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