7 Ways to Save Hanes Park


  1. Spread the message: This is everyone’s park. Join our mailing list by emailing contact@savehanespark.com
  2. Post, Share and Tweet this website.
  3. Put up a yard sign.
  4. Contact School Board members to tell them of your concern and ask key questions such as;
  • What is the long-term taxpayer costs associated with this project?
  • What are the immediate taxpayer costs?
  • Are taxpayers paying a premium for the Wiley gymnasium to accommodate this project?
  • Will taxpayers be expected to cover shortfalls as we did when private fundraising initiatives fell short for the R. J. Reynolds High School Auditorium?
  1. Contact your County Commissioners and let them know you are concerned about the future of Hanes Park.
  • Express concern about funding priorities for a redundant stadium during a time of extreme need in our school district.
  • Express concern about the disproportionate amount of funds allocated to affluent schools in contrast to improvements made in predominantly minority schools.
  • Express concern about the inability of Hanes-at-Hill middle school to shelter its student population during a crisis. Shelter capacity is 660. Current enrollment is 823.
  1. Contact reporters at newspapers. Write a letter to the editor.
  2. Donate your time, treasure or talent to SaveHanesPark.com so together, we can help spread the word.