In February of 2011, Brunson parents presented a petition to the WS/FCS Board. The local news coverage can be found here. The text of their petition was as follows:

West End Neighborhood—Petition Regarding Brunson Elementary School

Background: The Winston-Salem Forsyth County School Board recently voted to reassign students in the Brunson Elementary residential area to Cook Elementary, one of the worst performing schools in the school district. The reassignment begins with the incoming kindergarten class for the 2011-2012 school year. Future plans are to close the facility at Brunson and build an addition to Cook Elementary that would house the combined students from the residential areas of Brunson and Cook on the current campus of Cook Elementary. The reassignment and closing of Brunson Elementary is certain to affect the perception and character of the West End, a downtown neighborhood with growing numbers of young families committed to raising and educating their children in a safe and nurturing environment.


  1. I am opposed to the reassignment of the Brunson Elementary residential area to Cook Elementary.
  2. I am opposed the merger of Brunson and Cook elementary schools.
  3. I call upon the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board to create a working committee that is dedicated to discussing concerns of citizens in the area affected by these changes.