Park History

A generous gift to the citizens of Winston Salem from P.H. Hanes, his intent was for the land to be used forever as a public park and for public schools to benefit all. Wiley School was a key component element of the historic Hanes Park plan. Both Reynolds High School and Wiley School were designed to orientate towards the center of the park and provide a majestic background to the park landscape. Winston Salem citizens have enjoyed the grandeur of integrated park and school grounds for generations.

Reynolds High School sits on property donated by Katherine Smith Reynolds in 1919. Designed by architect Charles Barton Keen in the Neo-Classical style, its construction was completed in 1923-24.

View across Hanes Park from West End.

“Pleasant Hendersen Hanes (P. H.) loved his family and he loved the land. After one of his land deals, he was asked if he were trying to buy all of Fosyth County. His reply was, ‘No, just all the land that adjoins mine.’ He enjoyed taking the children of the family to his dairy, hog and horse farms. And he enjoyed taking them to Mocksville and Fulton to visit their cousins, for he firmly believed that family unity and togetherness were the strength of every great family.” –from “People Named Hanes” by Jo White Linn

And yet, he bequeathed 47 acres of prime land near the center of Winston, not to his children, but to the citizens of Winston Salem “to be used forever exclusively for public purposes, such as park, playgrounds, or school purposes, and that no part of it shall ever be used for residential or business purposes.”





The P.H. Hanes family. Bottom row: Ruth March Hanes, Frank Higgins Hanes. Center row: Pleasant Henderson Hanes, Margarett Lizora Hanes, Mary Lizora Fortune Hanes. Top row: Katherine Hanes, Pleasant Huber Hanes, William Marvin Hanes. Taken at the P. H. Hanes home on Cherry Street in Winston.









The Original Deed: P.H. Hanes original intent is succinctly state here. Read it for yourself! page 1page 2

The Original City Board Meeting Notes concerning the coordinated gift of Hanes Park and R.J. Reynolds High School. (see page 23)

Important Events in the History of R.J. Reynolds H.S.