Save Hanes Park Supports Equity Candidates!

At-large (you may choose up to three):

  • Elisabeth Motsinger (D)
  • Andrea Pace Bramer (D)

District 1 (you may choose 2):

  • Barbara Burke (D)
  • Malishai Woodbury (D)

District 2 (you may choose up to four):

  • Rebecca Nussbaum (D)
  • Marilynn Baker (D)

Please note: Even though you’re allowed to vote for up to four District 2 candidates, doing so would actually make it impossible for one of these candidates to win in this district. Save Hanes Park is not affiliated with a party, but the four Republican candidates in District 2 are known to be strong supporters of public funding for the proposed stadium. We encourage you to vote only for the two Democrats in this race.