Existing Site and Park Land

Hanes Park, our downtown public greenspace, has been a majestic centerpiece of our community for almost a century. Both Reynolds High School and Wiley School were integral components of the original plan designed to orient towards the park center and serving as backdrops for sweeping park and neighborhood vistas. Winston Salem citizens have enjoyed the grandeur of our integrated park and school grounds for generations. It is a unique site that demands special consideration and protection from projects that may be well intentioned but would deface this precious gift.

Citizens are excited that improvements are planned for Hanes Park that includes fields and courts shared with R.J. Reynolds athletics. Developed through an open and transparent process involving our school board, small business owners, neighborhood representatives, private citizens, etc., this was the type of planning process that received wide community support.

What portion of Hanes Park was transferred to WSFCS

Aerial view of the building site for Wiley gymnasium and the proposed Reynolds stadium

Wiley hill vista

The Wiley school facade, seen from Hanes Park, basks in the morning light as a neighbor walks his dogs.