On November 29, 2012, WSFCS Board voted in response to a request from Home Field Advantage (HFA) to select a conceptual plan so that they could commence fundraising for their proposed privately funded project. The Board selected Scheme C1 (see image below) and a phased construction plan as described:

Phase 1 Construct a new practice field on school property off Reynolda Road across from the Children’s Home.
Phase 2 Renovate Bryson Gym to provide for use by Wiley School after their gym is demolished
Phase 3 Replace Wiley boiler currently housed in Wiley Gym
Phase 4 Demolish Wiley Gym; Construct new 2200 Seat Multipurpose Stadium in front of Wiley School; Construct new Wiley Gym; Construct new Wiley drop-off behind the school

Details of the project were later clarified at a Building and Grounds Committee Meeting by the School Board on Dec. 11th which outlined the following conditions of their approval:

  • HFA must raise all of the money to pay for all phases listed above in entirety – The estimate provided at the time of presentation was $7-8 million
  • WSFCS Board requires that HFA have all funds available for each phase before any work on that phase will commence
  • All final plans and bids must be approved by the School Board before construction can begin
  • WSFCS staff will manage the construction
  • After completion, WSFCS will provide complete operations and maintenance of the facilities

This information comes from the published meeting minutes, board books, and PowerPoint presentations from the School Board and Building and Grounds Committee meetings on November 27th and December 11th 2012.

Nov2012 HFA 4Options